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However, its history is not completely known little and is shrouded in mystery.In alchemy 1967, the year after Parker Brothers bought Ouija, the game outsold Monopoly.It will also give you the chance to figure how to move the iron, in order to get different shapes.Ask a serious question and you will get a serious answer.They were an outgrowth of Spiritualism, a 19th century religious movement that believed in communicating with the dead.Among other types homemade of early technology they used to try and reach the deceased, Spiritualists would sometimes paint little the alphabet onto a table and use a rolling pointer, or planchette, to spell out otherworldly messages letter by letter.Imagine a pure white light surrounding you for protection.Its hard filling to imagine that now, we look at that and think, Why vind are you opening the gates of hell?

2 Choose your font.
Just stay calm and remember its your board, not theirs.