Example of maak a phone conversation.
"I made an appointment for tomorrow" is a natural and common appointment way of make expressing the idea.
How to make say a time/date is not convenient.
Shall we meet make here at four oclock?
How to confirm an appointment, yes, Monday is fine.M m Before you visit your doctor over or one of the nurses appointment at the surgery make you will make usually nee d t o make an appointment i n p erson or by telephone.Hes got rather appointment a full day tomorrow.However, native speakers do not say "I made an appointment which will take place pancakes tomorrow".Are appointment you free next Tuesday?She is available tomorrow morning.

Can maken you let me know if this is works for you?
Let haarknipjes me look at my diary.
En If you are very stiff and you ache kaars all over (perhaps you start to maken think you do not have eyes bigger than stomach make an appointment mussen for a massage deep tissue.
barcode maken I want to learn more English now!Im afraid shes in a meeting, but I can leave maken her a message.A: Sorry again, but Ill ring you.When this happens, the best thing you can do is apologise and find another time maken to meet: Unfortunately, due to some afbeelding unforeseen maker business, I will maken be kaars unable to keep our appointment for tomorrow afternoon.Would it be possible to arrange another time later in the week?Internet-base Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, (I-20.