I'm sure there's a better way.
The maak tapes are made by folding together a 3-inch-wide strip of maak canvas into a triple-thick 1-inch-wide band that is double stitched down both sides (detail 5b).
The pole pattern should now tent look maak like figure 7's lower right drawing.
The holes on the minecraft tipi left klaar side start 3/4 make inch from the hemmed door maak and the two rows are spaced 1 1/2 inches apart with the outside row set 3/4 inch from the edge.Tie a pole (the one you'll later tent set in front of the tipi door) across supports D and F1 to stand on while you tie the smoke hole base tapes together and insert the top lacing pins.If none of these are available, use the best timber you can find for the job or buy some fast quality 2-by-4-foot poles, rip them lengthwise on a taper and round the corners with a draw knife or joiner.If you find the door pole is too long, as sometimes happens the first time a tipi is raised, plant it deeper or chop it off.If you intend to "farm out" this part of the job, try to find a tent maker who will use flat seams.Comfort, utility and versatility probably the world's most efficient shelter.

Read through the directions and make your own list.
The floor plan of a properly pitched tipi is oval or egg shaped, rather than round (figure gebit 7).
For a comfortably-sized teepee, you'll want a piece of canvas roughly 15 x 30 feet.
Note that maken it is not necessary to tegen run the holes all the way to the base of the smoke flaps.To be sure it doesn't slip, hammer an inch-long gebit tack through the knot and the lift pole flap.Pick out the four heaviest poles.The camo pattern I used also surprise heeft provides for great stealth camping.Notice also, maker that gebit the tipi's pole pattern is shifted just slightly off square around the perimeter clockwise.Flop the two pieces of canvas over.Cover, liner stakes and all the rest can be bundled up and carried on top of the "raft if you like.When you're ready to go inside, fix the door to the outside surprise and you're ready to camp plains-style.Since buffalo skin is relatively difficult to acquire hartspier nowadays, most modern teepees are made using canvas.Sew foto the two removed panels into one strip.

Plant stakes on the door-side of the teepee to fix the ropes to when you've opened them, to keep them from flapping back closed while your fire is lit.
Some pole pockets, cords and tipi reinforcing added to the smoke flaps will now complete the tipi cover.