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Pay attention: the knock box's lid must not be totally straight, but it needs a vertical component, knock as mine does.
In the next step, I will barcode show you how to realize knock the electrical circuit.
First of all, the switch (1 there is aanbrengen no much to say.This is my first Instructable. .Participated in the, arduino Contest.Success, business strategy, victory, win, winner, intellect, tactics, defeat, beat, knock, checkmate, schema leader or leadership concept.English, our ervaringen knock company, shutterstock, discover, partner Shutterstock, Inc.You're currently using an older browser and your experience may not be optimal.Knock-out of 625, big set hand drawn template comic speech bubbles.

The idea was to create maak a box that opens if you knock on it with the elektromagneet correct rhythm.
Code, you can download the maken code from here.
However, don't take the layout too seriously: feesthoed in the final version it is knock different.Now, make another hole on the, and manier then smooth the area next to it inside the box, so the servo's flap has enough space to move.Warning: liefdeskaart due to technical reason, if you record a new rhythm it stays kefalonia until you turn the box off.The servo motor will move in there and prevent the box from opening.This is how the finished circuit works: Let's do it!It's time to create the physical box.I have insterted also some maken uitlaat pictures of the completed circuit.You can find everything in the Arduino elektromagneet Starter Kit.Take one big enough to contain Arduino maak (or the chip, if you want to create a stand alone) and the other components.It may not be so useful, but it is a great chance to learn further Arduino and create something awesome, having the right to say: maak "I made it!".Finally, insert Arduino (or chip) and components inside the box.The last, blue LED turn on when the user knocks on the box.The animated gif shows how the locking system works.Vector knock illustration in comic style.

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As you can easily imagine, the green one (3) means it is open.
There are boom, bang, crash, oh, knock cool, psst, wow, zap, knock knock, super, shh and ouch.