Cloud Pattern 2, this paper is how it make looks when Cloud Pattern 2 in applied.
Step03 Adjust Color, adjust the color slightly lighter.
Set the preference Filter maken Blur Expression Blur as shown above.
Create a new file sized 800px600px and set the tool panel color drawing photoshop color00000/background colorffffff.
This is a very useful texture.Now I make combined 4 color papers into one.We maken get fiber like texture by Filter Expression Find Edges.Step05 Different Version, maker having only one color is boring.Apply paper Cloud Pattern 2 Filter Draw Cloud Pattern.It is blurred and looks more like Japanese make paper.Now it is only a cloud pattern texture but it will zelf be more like Japanese paper.You can see thin detailed lines are there and make the texture fiber like.Color dialog box appears.You can also use Color Correction for adjusting the color.Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, related article.

Once knuffels you behang have laptop the paper texture, popsocket you can use it foreldeeg for background, card, name card, and digital collage.
You can make different colored textures maken by changing the colors like above.
Click Draw Mode Color.
Step04 Blur Surface, blur the surface katten to make it look like Japanese paper.In stickers this zelf section we voor will introduce you how to create Japanese paper texture.It is easy to change the color maken of the texture slakkenval and you can create various versions.Color Adjusted, blue gray turned beige.You can make collage or this serre can be a postcard background.Once you create the basic Japanese paper texture, you can change it to any colors you like.This already looks like Japanese paper but we will do a little more make tricks.Step01 Create New File in Photoshop.Set the preference using the example above Image Adjust Color Saturation/Hue.This is how it looks like when Find Edges is applied.We will make a different version for this.