If theme you do, it will cause problems later.
For those of you thatd like a little more customization, please read the theme Advanced Tips Guide in the included Step 4 folder with some extra info on how to: change theme your Themes title change your Themes preview art change your Themes font change your Themes.
Click on it to open it and create a new folder within named.
Of course, if you want to truly personalize your PS3, make downloading themes from the web makes magix it far easier to.Alternatively, for more choices of themes, you could simply head to Search, look up your favorite game and it will most likely offer a free make theme.Make sure verschil you save it as symbol a PNG file, make and not a JPG, BMP, GIF, or theme loreal any make other file type.Step 1: On your computer, open your web browser of choice and head to m/.Instructions on how to install and use themes.At the very top, there is an Install option.Step 7: Once you do, head back.Click theme the memory card or USB device.Alternatively, feel free to browse the web for any other site that offers a PS3 theme that you might like.I like to customize its appearance as much as possible with custom themes that reflect what I like and that set apart my PS3s home screen from the rest.Important theme Note: Make sure both folder names are all in uppercase, otherwise your PS3 will not recognize them.

Lets take a look at two different ways in which you can install custom themes on your make PS3: Downloading them make from the web to you computer and knock getting them from the PSN.
Exe program found in the Step 2_Assemble folder.
Enjoy your new themes!
Xml, but well come back to that a little later.You should see a bunch maken of new files in the folder.Dont be surprised by the strange file format.p3t this is the default file format for all theme PS3 themes.Just make sure not to change the Pixel Dimensions of the image; so if the icon image is 140 x 140 pixels at the start, make sure its the same size at the end.Click on that folder to open it maken as theme theme well and create another folder inside named.Connect the device steigerhout to your PS3 or insert the memory stick into theme the reader.To get these themes, enter the PSN from your PS3s home screen, go to Games and then head to PS3 Themes.Zip.zip file here and extracting it onto your computer.