Submit Things Youll Need Plywood Thick plastic sheeting (like a shower curtain liner) Wood screws Duct tape Jigsaw Staple gun Leaf-blower or a Shop-Vac Box cutter (utility knife) Tips After doing the make initial cutting, you can paint the funny board if you want.
Cut the plastic sheeting in a circle, about 1 wider than home the main make circle.
In this case, the leaf blower provides pressure against the ground that lifts the wooden board into the air.
3, cut a hole from the main circle.
Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to graph get a message when maken this question is answered.You will need receiver and transmitter if you want to control the speed of the motors, along with 2 ESCs.It includes a bag called skirt which home produces air pressure inside the bag and thereby generates the cushion.Now hovercraft combine makes 2 sheets, take garbage hovercraft bag and take dimension.Fix motor there, attach suitable make propeller.Warnings A hovercraft won't get you to the emergency room very fast: practice safety when making your hovercraft.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Introduction, hovercraft is a type of vehicle which hovers above the surface and moves ahead without any external need of wheels.4, method 3 Finishing Your Hovercraft 1, insert an air blower.Use duct tape to seal the hole tight and attach the blower firmly to the board.

One generates lift and verslag the other is board for board thrust.
Turn the board over so personal that the plastic side is sieraden facing.
But for this maker small model, I don't recommend personal that.Keep 5 cm for sticking on the base, approx.Turn maken on the leaf-blower and enjoy riding around!Attach both the motors with a battery and you craft is ready to operate.It should be at least a little larger than the small circle you cut out in step 2 of bingo the previous section.If it doesn't skindex fit well, you can seal it later using board duct tape.Question Can I use board anything else other than a leaf blower to float around?Purchase a strong square of plywood and cut a circle 36-48" in diameter.Elegant Pink by: Rara Theme, powered by: WordPress.

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If you want, use duct tape to tape down the extra plastic and seal any gaps at the edge.