, or game you can target all instances.
It's not a bad design, and it doesn't cause lag as well because it's just a single counter that gets decreased every step.
Second, although the destroy event is performed, the instance is not immediately removed from the game, and it will continue to perform the code contained in the current event.
It is worth noting that when you destroy an instance, destroy its destroy event is called immediately after the code or action that calls the destroy.Beneath make that, put the action "Destroy selecting the door object.By default the Destroy Event will always be performed, but if you set this flag to false maker then you can make the instance destroy itself and skip computer performing that event.Be careful of this, as if you have (for example) created a dynamic resource for the instance, like a data structure, and then have destroyed make that resource in the destroy event, if there are any references to it after the destroy function or action has.As you noticed, if you handle the destruction of items dropped to the ground in the inventor object, you won't be able to handle multiple items.Example: if bbox_right 0 bbox_left room_width bbox_bottom let; 0 bbox_top room_height instance_destroy(id, false The above code will destroy the instance running the code without calling the Destroy Event if the instance is outside the room bounds.Object_index unit) if (iii.Syntax: instance_destroy object Argument, description id, the instance ID or object_index to destroy (optional, default is the calling instance) execute_event_flag, set to true or false to perform the destroy event or not (optional, default is true).This will remove it from the room until the room is restarted (unless the room is persistent).

Returns: N/A, description, you call this function whenever you wish to make touw "destroy" an instance, normally triggering a Destroy Event and touw also a Clean Up event.
Then have a condition "If variable is equal to and organogram set the amount.
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In This obj_droppable you should set the alarm.
Make sure to let destroy the responsibility of destroying the items on ground for themselves, that's it, each object will have it's own alarm.